Domain Cost Compare

Breakdown of cost calculations in Pounds (£) - see the extras

Here, in England, the total cost of a domain includes several things :-

The initial cost + WhoIs cost + ICANN charge + VAT or Bank charges (for currency conversion).

Outside the UK it will be different - but these tables will still be very relevant.

Click one of the domain types

(extensions), below, to see the

cost breakdown, in pounds.

Some registrars state clearly their charges, up-front.

Some - I had to really dig into their small print to find out their full cost.

Some showed me later, during the check-out process - and some none of those.

   So I, phoned up :- some did not give a clear answer, or

       they suggested something was zero, where I had already found it is charged.

Where charges were NOT revealed (hidden) - an optimum cost was added, shown in Red

Where I have made a currency conversion ($ to £) these are shown on Green.

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Costs and conversions as of

Use the“Totals” table

to compare costs.

The tables here, show how the total figure is found.