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Recommended Registrars

A Registrar I can personally recommend.

I have been using NameCheap since mid 2015 and have always found their customer support to be friendly, knowledgeable and efficient, plus their costs to be brilliant.

Their prices are extremely competitive and they supply just about every domain extension there is.

I can personally recommend them - check out their site & their prices - click their banner (right) to go to their site.

It’s strange, when you find really good Companies - there’s not a lot to say,

    - they’re quietly efficient,

    - very keen prices.

Using NameCheap

Their interface is very “user friendly”.

Their ‘Domain Registration’ (domain search) is the best around.  It’s simple and, again, user friendly.

Their WhoIs protection charge is now “Free for Life”.

This change happened June 2018.

This change is reflected in the comparison tables.

Click the banner, below, to go to their site.
visit NameCheap - get a good name and price.

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