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A Registrar I can personally recommend.

I discovered NameSilo early in 2017.

I was attracted by their incredible prices and zero charge for WhoIs protection.

I now have 37 domains with them, but am increasing that.  I am also moving a lot of my domains to them from other registrars.

So far - I have only praise for them.

Check out their prices and services.

Do a search, on their site, for a domain.

Using NameSilo

Their interface is very comprehensive.

Their domain search is easy to use and selective.

“NameSilo” will accept a transfer for most extensions for free.   They will charge a years registration on transfer, but this new 1 year will be added to the remaining term from your old registrar.

(so it costs zero to transfer).

Important   Do this about 2 months before it expires.

Click the banner, below, to go to their site.

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