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Advice on using All Registrars

NOTE.   This is personal advice from my own observations and experience.

The first time you use any registrar - their interface will be unknown to you and can appear difficult or confusing - this is normal, we as humans, don’t like change and prefer to stay with what we know.

Be patient, quite often it only takes a very short time to become acquainted with the new environment and actually find it nice and even better.


Do not buy your domain and then host it with the same Company.   Except my recommended.

Although the bad Companies are a small percentage of the total - they are numerous and if you have all your eggs in their basket they will really take advantage of you  (I am still feeling the pain from those type of experiences I had, even after several years).   The ones I have recommended - you can trust.


Read independent reviews about them (these are from real customers who have had real experience of them - not the ones on their own, or a friends website) and study all of the small print in their “Terms & Conditions”.   I would like to tell you what to look for - but there’s too much to warn you about.


The initial cost, the renewal cost and the transfer cost can be very different.   The first year’s registration is quite often on special offer.   You might decide to buy a domain from one registrar (to get a special price on the first year) and then later (2 months before renewal) transfer it to another (to get a better long-term registration price every year after that).


Some people believe that

 “The more you pay - the better you get”

on the Internet, that is NOT true.


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