Some registrars make it harder to transfer, it might mean :-

1.  You have to initiate a process via

     their "Support" services.

2.  You are asked to explain your

     reasons for transferring.

3.  Some may make a charge to

     transfer out.

4.  Some might demand a short

     window of opportunity & hamper


5.  Something else (I've forgotten or

     not encountered it, yet!).

It is best to transfer a domain at least two months before it expires, with your current registrar, because :-

  Auto-renewal is, quite often, actioned one month before expiry.

Complications can arise during transfer, which delays the transfer, and it renews.   You are now stuck with them for another year.

You will need to disable the WhoIs protection - this will put your Name, Address, Phone numbers,

and eMail addresses in public view.   This will mean unwanted attention from advertisers, spammers and fraudsters. (see NOTES, below)

I have an eMail address reserved for these occasions.  I first change my contact details, in the interface with my old registrar, to the naff eMail address

(this can be scrapped & replaced, when the mail gets too heavy).

It might be worth opening a free eMail account just for this.

I just create a new one, on one of my other domains/sites.