When you turn off WhoIs protection

all of your details will be exposed to the public.

Even if this for only a few days - it is buffered.

This means it is stored in public databases for the world to see for some time.

Spammers, advertisers & fraudsters take advantage of this, and harvest your details.

This is why I use a throw-away eMail address and give it time to propagate first.

Give it a few days - Do NOT rush.

       When to turn off the WhoIs

If the new WhoIs details are not circulated to the various authorities before you turn off WhoIs protection - your normal eMail address will still be circulated and then available to be harvested.

So, give it a few days, after changing your contact details, before you start the transfer.

You can check it by doing a FREE WhoIs check on the Internet (but do not rush).

Transfer charge

This varies, many registrars offer a free transfer in.

Some may make a charge to transfer out.

Do not mistake the three tiers of charges :-

1   Special offer on the 1st years


2   Renewal charge made in

    subsequent years.

3  The cost of a transfer.

In the first year, price is very important - but, freedom to transfer is paramount.

For the long term go for a registrar, who :-

  1.  Has no hidden charges.

  2.  Does not restrict transfer and

       makes no charge for it.

  3.  Has good public reviews.

  4.  Provides good customer support.

  5.  Has acceptable pricing.