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I have had some nightmare experiences with previous hosting companies, but have only praise for TSO Host.   I have two commercial hosting package with them - these have been brilliant since I

first started using them in mid 2015.

I am not going to discuss the rip-off hosting Companies I have used before - they are a farce.

To avoid them, look very carefully at long-term costs of hosting & choose one of my recommended.

Don’t be fooled by clever wording which suggests the price you pay now will always be the price and



However, I can save you the horrible experience (I’ve had) and recommend one of the best hosting companies there is - TSO  Their prices are good, and their service is first class.   Check out their site.

I am very happy to recommend them.

Currently (2019) TSO offer a free domain name with even the basic hosting package - which is about £36 + VAT a year.

Basic - Starter hosting package

  Host 3 websites,

  16 GB of spaces,

  Unlimited bandwidth,

  100,000 page views a month,

  100 mailboxes,

  A Free domain.

Using TSO

You will NOT have any difficulty with their interface.

They use “cPanel” and “WHM” - these are industry standard.

The one ‘niggle’ I had was they offer loads of software for free.

I didn’t know it was free, so I avoided trying any of it for fear of running up a bill.

It was 2 years later I found they were free & have used lots - they’re FREE and very useful.

Visit TSO Hosts.

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