a domain


Notes - The added costs and conversions

As you can see, if you have studied my tables, the final cost of a domain can

be many times more - depending on who you purchase it from.


The bank charge of 2.7% is what I have to pay on any non-sterling transactions - your bank may make different charges - you may not know until you get your bank statements - unless you ask them !


All currency conversions are at current rates - these are shown on a green  background.


Some registrars won’t reveal their extras - so I’ve have entered optimum values (shown in red).


You may be able to claim the VAT back - but either way, it is important to show it.

You will be charged VAT if you buy from a European registrar - not with an American one.


If you are outside Europe you may not be charged VAT - I don’t know - you must ask !


Not all registrars provide every domain extension - so some table entries are empty. (or greyed out)


Some people say “The more you pay - the better you get”    This is NOT true on the Internet.


The Dollar costs are “As bought by me in the UK”, then converted to Pounds (£)


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