Breakdown of cost for a .UK in Pounds (£)

These domains are controlled

by Nominet not Icann.

Nominet provide FREE WhoIs.



Prices in Red - Where you have to dig really deep to find a price, or it’s NOT revealed until the checkout, that cost is shown in red.  Also, totals that include a hidden cost are shown in red.

VAT is payable on all purchases in the UK.

Purchases from outside the UK incur a bank charge on currency handling (I pay 2.7% - that is the value used here).

UK domains are not provided by NameSilo - Pink fill.

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Green tick = recommended provider.

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Nominet is the controlling and issuing authority for UK domains.

They provide a free WhoIs service.

The eMail address you use when you buy a UK domain will become the user name for your Nominet on-line account.

Go to

complete the “Log In” form - an eMail will be sent to you giving initial instructions on using your Nominet account.

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